So one of our collections as part of our opening range is called BE THE ARROW. We would say it sits on the edge of boho style with a clean undertone to round out the aesthetic thanks to the open white background of each piece.

At Millie Archer we love arrows.

Arrows symbol the future, adventure and looking ahead. They are fast and exciting and even when being held back, you know they are just going to be faster, stronger and better when released. To us, this is what the Be The Arrow range represents. We wanted to send this mantra of power into homes, office spaces and study corners. Everyone will have a hiccup or delay during their week but they are really just break moments so you can move ahead into the future with the learnings of the past backing you up. Wow, this became more philosophical than I thought it would…

Enough about the meaning, let’s show off the range.

The colours in the arrows are bright, fun and bring a spring/summery feel with them.


Which piece caught your attention?

Shop our Be The Arrow prints, cushions and coasters here:

Stay tuned for our Be The Arrow mugs arriving in October.

Paul + Laura x

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