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Millie Archer hanging planters have been a highly sought after accessory for the home so we decided to introduce another two new pieces to the range… And offer a few tips to make it the perfect addition to your space!

Drawing inspiration from our copper hanging planters which sold out within the first few months of release and featured in The Age newspaper’s style lift out, Millie Archer’s latest hanging planters take on a similar shape in a smaller size with a chain length of one meter.

The new hanging planters come in copper and matte black, the copper has much the same smooth finish whereas the matte black version has a new hammered finish. Styling by the design minimalist and the styling collective below showcases these pieces with silver falls and ivy plants which work perfectly.

Matte Black Hanging Planter styling collectiveBlack Hanging Planter Bedroom

@thestylingcollective_  thedesignminimalist

Whilst hanging planters are a must have piece for the home it can be difficult to get the right plant. As you can see above our new planters work really well with draping plants so we have put together a few recommendations that we know will work great! These include the featured silver falls and almost any type of ivy but also chain of hearts, string of pearls and hanging succulents. Below we have featured a few examples we love.

Sting of Pearls Hanging PlantersChain of Hearts Hanging Planters

 String of Pearls               Chain of Hearts

Silk Plants  Sill Life

Hanging Succulent Hanging Planters

Hanging Succulent

Green Plants inc

The Millie Archer disc hanging planters were designed to look as though they were floating. The seafoam blue and white colours which the disc hanging planters are available in are subtler than the copper and black planters and the thin wire is less of a feature than the chain. The wide, flat disc shape suits a different type of plant. The planters are perfect for succulents, herbs, or flowers such as Lantanas, Lobelias, Fuchsias and Petunias. If you are after a greener look then Lambs Ears are a great choice too.

Hanging Planters Lambs EarHanging Planters Succulent

Succulent                                Lambs Ear

  @ktandbiddy  County Line Nursery

Sea Foam Disc Hanging Planter Millie Archer

Also, if you are wondering how we go about watering our hanging plants we have little tip, pop an ice cube in them! The ice melts slowly, giving the plant and dirt time to properly absorb the water. Ice cubes are drip free and spill proof. Best of all, you can reach up and drop an ice cube in there without worrying about spilling water everywhere.

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to succulents take a look at our lovely brand rep @ktandbiddy.

Check out all our hanging planters at https://www.milliearcher.com.au/characteristics/hanging-planters/

Paul + Laura x

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