Searching for Inspiration in Scandinavian Lands

If we were to look for some minimalist, yet undeniably stylish décor, we would inevitably stumble upon Scandinavian territory.

Article by: Chloe Taylor

Nordic homes are focused on clean lines, warm functionality and subtle elegance so it is little wonder this décor is taking the world by storm and entering in many houses around the globe. If you are ready, let’s embark on a journey that will bring a touch of Scandinavian lands straight into your home.

“Less is best”

Sarealman Scandi

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We have already mentioned that Scandinavian décor is loved for its simplicity and cleanness. Mimic that appearance inside your own home by getting rid all of the clutter and unnecessary items. Your goal is to create a room where the eyes can travel without interruptions. If you have many things scattered around organize them in matching white, grey or like coloured storage boxes or baskets.

“Cool Is the New Warm”

Put white and grey on the wall, and what will you get? A cold-looking room. Well, not according to Scandinavians. They’ve made this look inherently warm, by adding more colorful textiles, wood and plant life.

Millie Archer Scandinavian Decor and Homewares

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The whole room can look alive by adding a matte black or a sea foam disc hanging planter, a fireplace or claddings on walls and ceilings. In a recent chat with professionals from Miss Amara, I discovered the use of woven or neutral (white, grey, blue, etc.) shaggy rugs are another great way to achieve this look.  You can also use pastel colors for furniture and accessories and thus join together the Nordic appeal and latest décor trends.

“For the Love of Form”

Millie Archer Scandinavian Homewares Online

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Scandinavian décor is all about clean lines, when it comes to architecture, furniture and accessories. This creates a perfectly functional space where everything has its own unique position. All furniture styles, from the mid-century period to contemporary pieces, can be used, as long as they reflect the desired simplicity.

Millie Archer Copper

As for the accessories, always opt for metallic lines and geometric shapes. An example of an ideal Nordic décor accessory is our Millie Archer geometric collection.

“A Sprinkle of Accessories”

Speaking of accessories, for a Scandinavian style it is important to scale back on them. The key is to use a small number of pieces and to use them wisely. You only need one or two accessories that pop with color and style, but the rest of them should be similar to the prevailing décor. Add something more intriguing, like a bear illustration wall art print. Continue down that path and add a single bear cushion or cushions from the “Be the arrow” collection. In the end, include some extra warmth with grey or navy knit throws on the sofa.

Millie Archer Scandinavian Homewares Online

In the end, if you get lost along the way and are unsure about some decorative element, just ask yourself: “Is it clean, soothing and simple enough?” If the answer is yes – congratulations, you have brought a touch of Scandinavian lands into your home.

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